The story of CSF Industries and its subsidiary divisions is one of organic growth, built on a firm business foundation and a continued commitment to adding value at all times.

First established in 1979 as Cairns Steel Fabricators, and now boasting  fully integrated divisions offering steel fabrication, roofing services, coating and finishes, engineering, lifting and transport and logistics, CSF Industries holds a unique position in the construction and fabrication industry in Northern Australia in terms of size, experience and expertise.

A recognised industry leader, CSF Industries has consistently demonstrated not only their commitment to their clients but also to the growth of the industry through their innovative thinking, the championing of new technology and their continued desire to deliver the best service possible.

It is this commitment to service that has fuelled the growth of the now independent divisions.

From very early on in CSF's history, founding Director Mel Yelaska could see that more was possible.  The days of delivering domestic steel production from the back of a ute were short lived, and within 10 years from foundation, CSF Steel Fabricators had moved into commercial production and was delivering contracts such as the Lavarack Barracks in Townsville - a $10m contract back in 1988.

The first signs of organic growth came in 1995 with the foundation of Cairns Steel Constructions Pty Ltd (now Century Cranes T/A Cairns Steel Constructions).  What began, at the time, as simply a solution to the increasing cost of crane hire, quickly became one of the region's foremost construction businesses.

With the establishment of their own crane operation, CSF was able to deliver bigger and better projects with more efficiency and value for money, before expanding further to hire crane services independently of production.

Despite this rapid growth, CSF Steel Fabrication's foundation was always built upon family values, and the group of companies continues to operate on this premise today.   Still based in Cairns, with another office in Townsville, and a significant employer in the region, the values of CSF are clear for all to see.

These family values were further demonstrated in 2004 when Mel's son in law, Sean Adams, a certified Engineer, joined the business and CSF remains firmly and proudly a local, family owned and operated company.

Sean's enthusiasm and vision, coupled with a commitment to questioning the best delivery mechanisms for everything they did, saw the business reinventing itself in terms of policies, processes and procedures and expanding in terms of service delivery. In the same way as Mel had realised back in 1995 that he could add value to his clients by controlling his own lifting requirements, Sean and the team sought ways to add value to their well established steel fabrication processes.

The result of this value adding has seen CSF expand even further into the current six divisions with a combined turnover of $32 million and a service offering without competition anywhere in Northern Australia.

The group of companies now service clients right across Australia as well as into Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.