CSF Industries


CSF Industries is a proprietary limited company established in Australia as part of the Yelaska Family Group of Companies.

As parent company of CSF Steel Fabricators, CSF Roofing, CSF Engineering, CSF Coatings, Intrans Logistics and Century Cranes, CSF Industries dates back to 1979.

The company has two shareholders, Melvin Yelaska and Vera Yelaska, and two Directors, Melvin Yelaska and Sean Adams.


CSF Industries is a family business established since 1979, with a commitment to safety, honesty, integrity and long term relationships.  We pride ourselves on having the ability to meet all structural steel and related needs for our clients across diverse industries, value-adding to their projects and outcomes. Actively servicing North and Central Queensland, we also deliver to clients nationally and internationally through our strategic relationships.

We value our employees and focus on recruiting, training, managing, rewarding and retaining a highly skilled team. Furthermore we invest in our facilities, technology and equipment to provide a state-of-the-art environment and use high-quality manufacturing procedures and technical expertise.

Our ultimate objective is to consistently exceed our customer expectations in terms of value, quality, performance and delivery while operating in both an environmental and financially sustainable manner.